Angus T. Jones’ Religious Advisor: Two and a Half Men Star Can Think for Himself

Angus T. Jones' Religious Advisor: Two and a Half Men Star Can Think for Himself

Charlie Sheen and Angus T. Jones have taken their anti-Two and a Half Men feelings in very different directions.

Jones, known for his role as half-man Jake Harper, recently called the CBS show “filth” in a religious YouTube testimonial for Forerunner Chronicles.

Christopher Hudson, the religious leader at the helm of the Seventh-day Adventist ministry, told E! News Tuesday that Jones seems to be “a very sincere young man.” The 19-year-old “has been studying the Bible in depth for himself for at least a year,” Hudson added.

Hudson, whose ministries are based in Alabama and have been posting YouTube videos since 2006, met Jones through a mutual acquaintance. “He has a love for the Lord and a love for the word of God. And that love for God and his word is behind the direction of what you saw in his testimony,” he said.

In some of the videos, Hudson voices his displeasure on topics such as gay marriage and President Barack Obama’s reelection. Hudson says in one video, “God is not going to let us continue on in this fashion.”

The Forerunner Chronicles leader said he spoke with Jones yesterday after the video surfaced. When asked what their conversation was regarding the public outcry, Hudson said, “He’s a young guy. He’s absolutely an amazing young man. It’s clear the Lord is working in his heart and he is maintaining quite well. And that is all I will say.”

And in response to reports that Jones’ mom is displeased with the church, Hudson said. “It couldn’t be further than the truth.

“I’ve only known Angus for a short period of time now, but the time that I got to spend with him in our conversation, the type of individual he is, this young man is very intelligent, pensive individual,” he said. “He is a thinker. He is not the mirror of other men’s thoughts. He is one that can think and do for himself and that impressed me because I didn’t think I would see that in a young man in his position. Angus is speaking from his heart, his experience, his search and his understanding.”


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